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"Cooking art" with love      



The restaurant offers either traditional Danish food or international food of good quality.

We are making an effort to accomplish special requests and we would like to meet specific reservations about the diet if it is notified in advance.

We are famous for serving absolutely nicely cooked food of high-quality, fine portions which are creatively decorated.  We are making an effort to get more skilled.

We are able to serve about 48 guests

In the garden our guests have the opportunity to eat breakfast, enjoy a drink, have a cup of coffee or eat a good meal under the wisteria, the beech trees or near the pond with gold fish listening to birdsong.

We have no a la carte. But we serve a lovely 3 cours dinner, which vary from day to day

We have three connected rooms in the restaurant which consists of a large room for 24 pers, a buffet area and a fireplace room for 24 pers

We only serve for overnight guest in the restaurant!

Please book table!

The restaurant is closed for dinner on sundays

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